Mantle Entertainment Center

The space around this fireplace was very awkward, and did not make it easy to have a TV on the same wall. A larger mantle, built-in shelves, and some paneling on the wall was the solution.IMG_0862 IMG_0861 IMG_0859 IMG_0851 IMG_0850 IMG_0838

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Washer and Drier drawers

The customer felt that the factory pedestals under the washer and drier made them extremely loud when running. We decided to replace them with a built-in to match the existing cabinets.

IMG_0863 IMG_0847

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Removing Entertainment System – Floor Patch

The new owners of this house decided that the existing entertainment center was a bit large and bulky for the room and modern flat panel TV’s. The entertainment center was eventually modified and relocated to the basement theater room. In order to do this the floor and trim around the built-in had to be patched.

IMG_0754 IMG_0734 IMG_0653[1]

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Steel Frame Coffee table

This coffee table was built based off of a picture from a magazine and the little caster wheels that it sits on. The wood is a reclaimed oak finished with danish oil and wax.

IMG_0721 IMG_0720 IMG_0711 IMG_0710 IMG_0704 IMG_0699 IMG_0698 IMG_0693

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Chicken Palace Design

It was requested that I come up with a design for a fully insulated, highly functional coop to house chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese, as well as incubators, brooding pens, and grain grinding/ storage equipment. Based on the requirements, this is what I came up with.

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Slowly adding to the kitchen

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Blue pine & Barnwood Memory Table

Coffee table made with interlocking joinery and a box made from reclaimed tong and groove pine. The top is tempered glass and lifts off to allow items to be displayed inside.





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Blue pine endgrain serving tray





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Scrapwood cutting board table





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Built this basket as a trial run for a Laundry room work bench. It came out nice, but I want to change the design before I build six of them.

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