About us

         Lightfoot Ltd. is a start-up company aimed at helping homeowners create the living space that they have always dreamed of. With the current housing market in shambles and new construction at a stand still, it is no surprise that people are choosing to improve upon what they already own. It is our mission to take your ideas and turn them into a finished product as efficiently, and as neatly as possible. We understand the pride you take in your home, and strive to meet your expectations in every way that we can. Whether it is straightening a cabinet door, or remodeling a kitchen, we have the tools and the know-how to get it done correctly the first time.

            When it comes to getting your home in tip-top shape we know that there is no such thing as a project too small. Often times it is not a single large problem that is bothering you, but several small problems that can quickly grow into the dreaded honey-do list. We specialize in the eliminating these lists for you.

Some of what we do:

Custom built-in cabinetry – Closets, entertainment centers, pantries, laundry rooms, book shelves, desks, bathroom vanities, kitchen counters, and more.

Trim – baseboard, shoe molding, chair rail, crown, doors, and windows.

Tile – Floors, back splashes, counter tops, and showers.

Flooring repair and replacement – hardwood, vinyl, tile.

Drywall repair & installation.

Door & window repair/ replacement.

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling – Demolition, light framing, drywall, light plumbing & electrical.

Exterior – trim, siding, fences, decks, and roof repairs.

             About the owner: John is a highly motivated problem-solver. He has six years of experience in residential carpentry working on everything from framing to roofing, and drywall to trim work. His specialty is custom built-ins, and trim molding, but a strong understanding of all systems, including plumbing and electrical makes him a very well rounded jack-of-all-trades. John holds a Bachelors of Science in Construction Management from Colorado State University.

            Facilities & tools: At Lightfoot Ltd. we take pride in maintaining a clean-cut, professional appearance. Our cabinet shop is located in a beautiful 800 sf out building, with three overhead doors, high ceilings, and plenty of bench space.


2 Responses to About us

  1. john michael lightfoot says:

    Wow Bob. Way to go!!!! I am at a loss of words. Very Professional, I have to question myself as to why you would do anything less.

  2. Steve savoye says:

    The furniture looks awesome and I like the website as well. I wish you all the luck as well as God’s blessings on your new venture. I am still used to calling you Bobby though. Will miss you this year at the reunion.

    Cousin Steve

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