Beetle Kill Pine table

The recent beetle infestation is no secret to most Colorado residents. Thousands and thousands of standing dead pine trees can be seen all across the state. Due to extreme terrain and high costs of logging these areas, most of this wood goes to waste. This is very unfortunate considering the beautiful blue staining that is left behind by these little pests. Luckily, if you look in the right places, local timbers can be found. Recently we picked up a few hundred board feet harvested in Red Feather Lakes and put it to use.

This wood is about as “green” as it gets. It is already dead when it is harvested, no kiln is used for drying, it is local, and before it gets to us, it is only rough sawn eliminating some of the processing that goes into most lumber.

The Joinery in this table is all interlocking. Each piece snaps into another making it very sturdy even before glue and pegs.

Pine is soft for a table top, so it will get end grain tiles laid inside the outer frame.



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